Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Question: What do DC and Digital Comics Have in Common?

Answer: I don't read either of them...

So I'm sure you've heard the news.  Big DC reboot and all...and if you haven't, well, you can read about it at DC's website.

You know, I have taken multiple surveys from Marvel about digital comics, and my answer has always been the same - I don't read them.

I don't want to read them.

Call me old fashioned, but I''m not alone.  There are a lot of people out there who don't want to trade in their cardboard boxes for an least as far as their comics are concerned.  I don't like to read off a screen.  I want the book in hand.

Some people are saying this is the death of the comic book store.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I don't read much DC, a rare book on occasion (although I do enjoy Vertigo), so there isn't a comic store surviving off of my sales.  But obviously comic shops are going to take a hit if they can't put one of the top two comic producers on their shelves.  Thanks DC for all your support...

But comic shops won't be the only one's taking the hit.  How many people out there are like me in that they don't want to read digital comics, but unlike me in the fact that they read DC?  Answer: I have no idea, but my point is this, if I was reading DC comics and I was forced to go digital...I would stop reading DC comics.  Who takes the hit then?

Talking about taking hits, on August 31, DC is going to do a sort of universe overhaul with a bunch of new #1's.  Do you know why Superman and Batman #1's sell for millions of dollars?  Because there aren't many of them left.  Who's going to pay a million dollars for a digital copy of anything?  Nobody.  I read an article once about five things to invest in that are better than gold.  Number five on the list was comic books.  Say what you will but the numbers are there...can you name anything else bought for 10 cents and sold for almost $2 million?  Think that would still hold true if there aren't any paper copies?

In the end I don't see how anyone wins from what DC is doing.  As I said, stores are going to take a hit because one of the biggest names in comics isn't on the shelves, and DC is going to lose sales because of people like me, purists (as far as comics go) that don't want to go digital.  Ever.

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