Monday, June 13, 2011

The More Lunongo Speaks...the More I Dislike Him...

We all know about Luongo's comment about how he would have made the save Tim Thomas failed to make in game 5, allowing the only goal of the game.

Is it a big deal?  Maybe, maybe not.

If you look at the entire comment Luongo also says that there were saves Thomas made that he wouldn't have.  The statement, according to Luongo, was more about the different styles of play, the different approaches of each goalie, than an insult.  Should we believe him?

Does it matter?  It's the Stanley Cup Finals, are teams supposed to be nice to each other?

Besides, the numbers speak for themselves.  Boston, while down 3-2 in the series, has outscored Vancouver 14-6, including 8-1 and 4-0 routes by the Bruins.

On the flip side, Luongo has two shutouts in the Finals.  Know any other goalies in Stanley Cup Finals history with two shutouts with rumors of being benched hovering over him?  I can't think of any either.

The point is, I don't know anyone that would take Luongo over Thomas if they had their pick, and all of Luongo's stupid comments, intentionally insulting or not, don't mean a thing.

No one was questioning Thomas' ability to bring home the Cup before the series began.  Can't say the same for the Big L.

But that isn't the only comment of Luogo's that reveals he may be more in love with himself than we are.  If you watch interviews with the players in Vancouver, you hear a lot of statements like this - "We're only one win away from the Cup" or "We just have to keep playing our game" or "We have to play whistle to whistle."  A lot of "we's" - as in this is a team effort.

Luongo on the other hand - "I'm one win away from the Stanley Cup."  Notice a difference?  Luongo's interviews are filled with "I's" and "Me's" - not exactly a team player.  Maybe it's because the focus is on him and his statement at the moment, but that isn't the kind of self-centered mentality I want from anyone on my team, let alone my goalie.

Who does Luongo think he is?  LeBron James?  Congrats to the King on yet another championship season by the way...

Tim Thomas doesn't need to pump Luongo's tires...Lungo does plenty of that himself.

Something Luongo could have thought about from the bench in game 4.

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